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Athletes Dating Coaches: Ten methods to place a “Honeybun”

Kami Huyse states this 1 associated with complaints about blogs is the fact that they simply rehash the day-to-day news. Therefore within the passions of providing some initial content, listed here is my insider’s view of just one facet of the realm of activities.

What’s because of the honeybuns, you ask? A “Honeybun” is a nickname for athletes that are dating their advisor. After medication problems, honeybuns are among the key challenges facing athletic divisions and groups today, but don’t expect you’ll learn about this within the news any time in the future.

Throughout the autumn of 2004, we carried out an on-line study that asked athletes as well as others when you look at the sport of track and industry concerning the dilemma of intimate harassment. Below are a few associated with the interesting outcomes:

1. Nine % of y our participants had took part in a consensual relationship with their coaches, but 83% thought that such relationships hurt a group.

2. 1 / 3rd said that other people they knew had gotten preferential therapy from coaches as a result of a relationship that is dating.

3. Sixty-four % for the participants, including half the participants that has dated their coaches, supported company policies that are no-dating athletes and coaches.

We realize an amount of very successful marriages that are coach-athlete. Shared interests that are common a great deal of the time invested together will surely assist Cupid along. Our concern is certainly not with all the mentor whom discovers his/her someone special, however with the “serial daters,” the coaches who make a practice of dating athletes because they undertake a course. Continue reading