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“whom is woman over here? ”That’s Joy from Red Velvet!

You’re tipped over your advantage by Jungkook’s brisk thrusts co-ordinating with Hoseok pinching both your clitoris as well as your nipple simultaneously, the scream which you discrete being smothered by Hobi’s hands while they look into the mouth area, the small style of the cum in it causing you to moan as Jungkook continues hammering into you- however the sight of you blissed down, choking on Hoseok’s hands completes him down and he collapses in addition to you as you’re feeling their seed spill into you, clenching around him during the feeling and reaching up to grab your hands on the older boy’s hair, quietly and weakly asking him to get rid of their hands from your own lips, that he does, letting you groan loudly as their fingers ghost over the human body while you drop from your own high, soothing the electric tingles that appear to be running riot all over the skin.

You look down wearily at Jungkook, seeing him bent over, their face hidden in your belly while he presses sloppy kisses into your skin layer.

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