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Ask Amy: What makes these ladies on a dating website if they don’t like to date?

Plus: I’m 15 yrs old and I don’t wish to live with my mother any longer.

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DEAR AMY: I’m 64 and also been a widower for more than 5 years. I began dating around three years back.

Columnist Amy Dickinson (Bill Hogan/Chicago Tribune)

I’ve met ladies through a task We take part in, then a dating internet site related compared to that task, through company after-hour events, local rate relationship, and get-togethers. I’ve additionally invested months that are many on personal, because dating is just a work, and I’m more comfortable now being solitary. But, after a few brief relationships, i’d again like companionship.

Recently I set up a profile with Facebook on the new app that is dating. You’re able to “like” somebody and when they as you right back, or vice versa, it is possible to chat.

After a line or two to and fro, we ask when they have an interest in getting together to see if you have a lot more than an attraction that is online.

Twice it has occurred, with no reaction. a 3rd girl ended up being planning to fulfill, however possessed a death when you look at the family members together with to cancel.

Am we asking too early? Should not both events be looking forward to a meeting that is in-person?

Is not that the complete point of the dating site, to really date?

Stumped and Frustrated

DEAR STUMPED: these websites aren’t actually “dating” web web sites, but that is“matching. Most of the web site does would be to produce matches that are possible. Fulfilling and dating occurs later on.

Yes, i really believe you may be asking these ladies to too meet you quickly. The idea is by using the website to see when there is a shared attraction or interest, after which to utilize the interaction device to see when you have a rapport.

Lots of women don’t want to satisfy a stranger before she seems a known comfortableness concerning their identity and motives. Continue reading