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Sheffield care worker bombarded with sex offers from married males after dying locks blond

A care worker from Sheffield she’s got been bombarded with provides of intercourse from hitched men – simply by dying her hair blonde.

Rebecca younger, 36, attempted three various appearance on a dating internet site to determine what would have the many interest from guys – blonde, brunette and redhead.

She switched from her natural brunette to get blond – and additionally wore red lipstick on her profile image.

She stated: “it absolutely was like I became a woman that is completely new. Unexpectedly I experienced lots of men hopeless to possess intercourse I was blonde with me because.

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“we also made several other modifications to my profile image – putting on bright red lipstick to look more alluring.

“we think we seemed far more available and fun and men could note that I happened to be up for a time that is good. Continue reading