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5 Inspiring Trailblazer Stories to Celebrate Overseas Women’s Day

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This Thursday, March 8, is Global Women’s Day. It’s each day designed to celebrate equality that is women’s while the social, economic, social, and governmental achievements of females. To honor this celebration, we’re using a second to emphasize five of the numerous women that are inspiring who’ve utilized their Salesforce knowledge to push change which help others. These women are knocking out certifications, helping other people cultivate effective jobs, and fearlessly determining to create their entire selves working.

Equality — of most sorts — is core to the business only at Salesforce. And these women can be essential reminders of why it’s so important. So, as Global Women’s time approaches, we encourage you to definitely take the time to read through these stories latin brides and celebrate the women that are important inspire and motivate you.

1. Wendy Braid, 1st Salesforce-Certified girl within the U.S. < Continue reading