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Please review Travel Trailer system wiring diagram

I am a new comer to this forum and a new comer to travel trailers. We recently bought a brand new camplite 21rbs where i am in the act of setting up double batteries, Inverter and Midnite KID solar with 4x100W flex panels. We have connected a system/wiring diagram regarding the the things I’m presently setting up and will also be powering up within the following day or 2.I would appreciate any feedback from the design to make sure an effective and SECURE system before We switch on!

Let me reveal a hyperlink towards the diagram.


4kw panels into 2xMNClassic150 370ah 48v bank 2xOutback 3548 inverter 120v + 240v autotransformerNight system

1kw panels into 1xMNClassic150 700ah 12v bank morningstar 300w inverter

Thank you for remarks.

Correct the inverter that is 2000W big and is sized for operating microwave oven OR expresso device for some moments each. Continue reading