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Labrador Margin 125 Ma) and finished through the belated Cretaceous (

The Labrador water is really an extension that is northwestward of North Atlantic Ocean, through the Charlie-Gibbs break area within the south to Davis Strait into the north (Figure 2), which separates southern Greenland from Labrador. Rifting and breakup among these margins started during the Early Cretaceous (

85 Ma) predicated on borehole information (Balkwill 1990). Volcanics of Cretaceous and early Tertiary age onlap the rift structures and synrift sediments. A final period of intense volcanism in the Paleocene in the region of Davis Strait

60 Ma) is linked to the North Atlantic Magmatic Province (Gill et al., 1999). Unlike the Newfoundland and Nova Scotia margins towards the south, the pre-existing continental crust differs significantly with its many years and crustal properties: through the Paleozoic Appalachian Province into the south, through the Late Proterozoic Grenville Province to your Early Proterozoic Makkovik Province, and lastly the Archean Nain Province (Figure 9). A current breakdown of geophysical properties among these crustal devices, centered on outcomes from the Lithoprobe ECSOOT system, is provided by Hall et al. (2002).

Figure 9. Maps for the Labrador margin showing (a) total sediment depth and (b) free-air gravity. Sedimentary basins and terranes that are continental

Following rifting, subsequent seafloor distributing within the Labrador water is documented by magnetic lineations (Roest and Srivastava, 1989), beginning first within the south through the belated Cretaceous (

70-80 Ma), then propagating into the north and closing into the Late Eocene (

40 Ma) whenever seafloor spreading ceased. A major improvement in distributing happened at

55 Ma when rifting began isolating Greenland from European countries. Continue reading