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Risk and factors that are protective Psychosocial Wellness Behaviors and Teen Dating Violence

One crucial aim of research on teenager violence that is dating to comprehend which youth tend to be more in danger of experiencing physical physical violence within their relationships. Pinpointing youth in danger for physical physical violence boosts the possibility of very early prevention and intervention. Scientists look for to determine the chance facets showing an increased likelihood for dating physical physical physical violence plus the protective factors that buffer against dating physical violence. Danger facets and protective facets are obtainable across multiple contexts or domain names, including factors particular to an specific, peer team or social team, relationship, or community/environment. Numerous danger facets and factors that are protective be at play within a relationship. Researchers have started to concentrate on distinguishing which danger facets and protective factors many strongly relate to teen violence that is dating.

  • Gender: Female teens reported more cyber, emotional and intimate physical violence, while male teenagers reported more physical violence that is dating.
  • Sexual intercourse: Teens who had previously been involved with sexual intercourse had been almost certainly going to experience cyber, real, emotional and intimate relationship abuse.
  • Delinquency: The greater amount of delinquent tasks that teens involved with, the much more likely these were to see cyber, real, emotional and dating abuse that is sexual.

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